An approach for calculating the spare parts ordering point in the case of a non-essentially constant damage rate: Application to N’djili collection pumps

This article presents an approach for calculating the spare parts order point in the case of a variable failure rate using the more general Weibull type reliability law than that for constant Poisson rates. The context concerned is the case of an industrial park whose definition of spare parts to be kept in stock is made, the supply periods already set with the suppliers and the operational reliability data also indicated. The different types of maintenance are considered, a probabilistic expression of the risk of out of stock is established for this approach in the case of residual or complementary corrective maintenance and is used for the verification of the variable failure rate model to the particular case of the Poisson model. An application to the pumps of the N’djili station is done and shows the influence of shape and scale parameters on the alert threshold and on the shape of the temporal evolution curve of spare parts stock. Téléchargé l'article