MUTINSUMU MUFENG Pierre Célestin*, TSHOMBE Van Emery, IRENGE Célestin, LENA Jean Louis, NGELESE MUKUWA Daniel

Mineral Composition of Sesamum Indicum Linné Seeds Sold and Consumed in Kinshasa

The mineral composition of Sesamum indicum L. seeds sold in Kinshasa, from Kwango, Kwamouth, Kwilu and Popokabaka, was determined by X-ray fluorescence spectrophotometry. Present study has established, by the extension of the t test, the relationship between origin, color and mineral content. Results showed that all samples, regardless of origin or color, are rich in macro-elements and trace elements.

Regardless of color and origin, sesame seeds from Kwango are rich in calcium (1.93±0.23g) sulfur (0.52±0.08g), copper (2.58±0.13mg), manganese (7.28±0.98mg), and bromine (0.29±0.10mg). Sesame seeds from Kwilu have high level of calcium (1.86±0.21mg), phosphorus (0.97±0.10g), potassium (8.79±0.97g), sulfur (0.52±0.6g). Sesame seeds from Kwamouth contain high level of chlorine (14.52±0.59g), iron (32.04±3.91mg), chromium (0.22±0.06mg), silicon (92.86±9.44mg), nickel (0,35±0.10mg), tin(1.37±0.28mg). Sesame seeds from Popokabaka are rich in chlorine (14.25±0,28g) like Kwamouth seeds, zinc (13.08±1.65mg) and strontium (8.99±0.92mg). Télécharger l'article