Divagation local hens’ gastro-intestine parasites in OTT an entity in Ngulunzamba quarter, Kikwit city, Democratic Republic of Congo.

This study of hens parasites in incubators (breeders), raised in traditional mode in Kikwit Bulwen region, took place from November 2015 to May 2016. Out of 36 hens euthanized and examined for the purpose of identifying helminths, parasites in small intestine, the following helminths were identified:1 species of nematodes: Ascaridia galli ;1 species of cestodes: Davainea proglottina; 1 mixed species of parasites: Ascaridia galli and Davainea proglottina.

The infestation and parasitism rates varied from one species to another. Davainea proglottina was the most dominant.

Twenty- two (22) cases out of 36 were infested whereas 14 hens (39 %) were found without parasites. The diversified fauna of parasites was made of cestodes (33% prevalence), nematodes (17%), and a mixed species of parasites or polyparasitarian cestodes-nematodes (11%); with a global rate of 61%. The variables sex, weight, place of origin did not influence the infestation except the season which had a positive influence. The statistical result did not show a significant difference p<0.05 for the parameters studied, except for the season. Télécharger l'article